How do we as a company influence our society?

Is a company a Citizen of our society?

Following up on the last article I wrote, some friends and colleagues asked me to expand on the Idea of the possibility of a company having citizen responsibilities.

So I leave a recap below, and I expand a bit more on the idea.

How do we as a company influence our society?

Companies create trends, companies pass on our beliefs and mission statements. This gives the founder, the CEO, and entrepreneurs extra responsibility for what they drive their businesses to be.

“What kind of company do we want our company to be?”

“What kind of values and principles do we drive?”

Are we sure we are aligning the principles of our company to the “greater good”?”

These are questions we should ask ourselves as citizens of a society, and I do believe we should ask as Entrepreneurs or business drivers.

Do companies have citizen principles?

I believe so… and in our company, we try to follow our principles as people and leaders, we believe that aligning these principles from the beginning will help us create stronger foundations.

Aligning the teams to our company’s principals.

Creating the right culture in your company will help to sustain the principles you laid out. Your staff and leaders will work together as levers to take your principles and culture further, and if they are all aligned with the company’s mission statement this will help in creating a strong and sustainable plan to grow and scale with the same focus of all.

What is the thought behind this?

We are all members of a greater society….

Our Company is a member of this society.

Let’s start with a question….

What does it mean to be a citizen?

  • It is the responsibility to show up and actively participate in our society. This is an active thing, it is not a passive thing.
  • To invest in relationships, to acknowledge our interconnection and our interdependence. This is not a solo sport it is a team sport.
  • To be a citizen is to understand power. Where it comes from, and the different ways we can use it for good and in our mission,
  • We do this on behalf of the many, not just the few. Not just ourselves as individuals, but ourselves as members of a collective.

These principles can be applied to a collection of individuals that we define as a company. We try to follow this in our day to day in

Some more questions to answer as an exercise….

  • How are we showing up as SheerME?

We are trying to help the wellness, beauty, and fitness communities on their digital transformation, offering technology, efficiency, and digital consultancy with a performance-based revenue stream. Either we send business to professionals who request our services or we do not deserve to get any commission.

  • How are we participating with others?

We try to align our business and brand with other companies that have similar principles and missions. We try to explore advantages, partnerships, and help all those who work with us. We are trying to build an ecosystem that brings benefits to all stakeholders and not just a few.

  • How are we understanding what our power is, and are we using all that to benefit the many, not just the few?

We understand that with technology comes adaptation and a learning curve that takes time to adapt and adjust. But someone needs to be available to help and guide on this transition, so we are here to help, serve, and coach all in our community and ecosystem so we can grow and transition together.

To benefit from this digital transformation, we know it will take time and patience to help the community learn this new trend. We are focussed to help all stakeholders on this journey and transition.

We are in the midst of so many challenges, with this situation we are living today that we have to ask these questions every month, every week, every day.

We need to be ready to adapt and iterate so we make sure we are aligned with our principles and the needs of all stakeholders.

Do people see the value of your mission as a company?

If you have a clear and well-defined mission, it will be easier for everyone to understand the value you can bring as a company. If the value is recognized and other people resonate with your mission, this will help in creating a legion of followers and people that value what you are doing. If people value your mission they will also work as levers to help expand, expose and position your business and mission to more people, creating a community of shared value.

Having said this, with this positioning and mission statement you are as a company influencing other citizens. Your company has a voice in the community you live in and you will influence people and inspire you with your mission.

More questions you should ask as an Entrepreneur, founder or CEO, whenever you create new strategies, to make sure you are well aligned with your company’s principles:

Does your company have an honorable and fair mission?

Is your strategy a strategy that will benefit all stakeholders or just a few?

Who benefits the most?

Align your business to the greater good and you’ll always find success. Think about how you can help others with your knowledge, track record, technology, and innovation and you will all win.

This to me is living in a common society and growing by making others grow. For me, this is an honorable mission and one I believe in following today in our future in SheerME.

In Sum: I believe if we have the right values and principles in place, overall people will resonate with your mission and will help on making your business a successful business, as you are not solely investing in your growth and profit, but also putting the growth and efficiency of others as your mission. The greater is always better than the few.

“Work hard, think big, stay humble”

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