An Entrepreneur is not an Island

  1. Build Bridges: We need to be in a constant state of construction of bridges. Bridges between us and other founders, us and other companies, mentors, coaches that can help us with guidance, intellectual growth, and opening doors to expand or expose our business. We are stronger together than we are alone, so we need to be in constant construction of alliances.
  2. Ask for feedback: We need to be humble, always ask questions, ask for feedback, as someone might be seeing something you are not. It is most important to get different perspectives and knowledge from that feedback. Be open to listening and don’t take it personally. In the times we live, “no business is set in stone” so we need to be available to hear, learn, relook at our business and iterate fast if needed without emotion.
  3. Find your trusted team of vertical leaders: Trust, delegate, and let it flow. If you trust your team and your team trusts you, it is easier to delegate and ask for help. You can’t build and run a company on your own. It is hard to delegate at first, but if you don’t delegate, you can’t scale your business faster. To scale your business you need to be able to cascade down some tasks and responsibilities, not doing this means you will lose time, teams trust, and mostly it will hurt your business.
  4. Lay down your clear principles and what you expect the company to be: If this message is clear, everyone will follow the same principles creating a company profile and culture that all are proud and aligned.
  • It is the responsibility to show up and actively participate in our society. This is an active thing, it is not a passive thing.
  • To invest in relationships, to acknowledge our interconnection and our interdependence. This is not a solo sport it is a team sport.
  • To be a citizen is to understand power. Where it comes from, and the different ways we can use it for good and in our mission,
  • We do this on behalf of the many, not just the few. Not just ourselves as individuals, but ourselves as members of a collective.
  • How are we showing up as SheerME?
  • How are we participating with others?
  • How are we understanding what our power is, and are we using all that to benefit the many, not just the few?



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Miguel Alves Ribeiro

Miguel Alves Ribeiro


Founder & CEO SheerME, repeat founder, Passionate about creating Marketplaces and the chaos of building a startup. “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”